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misc How old is/was your oldest hot pepper plant?

Actually, I overwintered 3 plants inside this past winter and had no pest problems.

Before taking them inside I cut all branches and leaves away, rinced off all soil from the roots and trimmed the roots to a size that fits a small pot, essentially making a bonchi of the plant (which was the original intention). I also sprayed the plant with neem oil. In spring I put the overwintered plants back in a large container before putting them outside again.

I'm planning to do this again with the plants I want to keep...
Only since all mine hatched in February this year. I have not tried to overwinter yet, ever. That said, I am debating with myself if I want to try to keep a few going Over the winter, and which ones. Difficulty: No plant lights, heat mats, room for them, and such (not and never have been in the budget). Then again,….my daughter is now at university, so I DO have a spare room, and it can get a lot of sun in there throughout the day.

She can sleep in the living room if she comes home for breaks! 🤪

Nice to see this thread revived! I currently have a Wiriwiri that is about to begin its third winter inside. It spent its first summer (2020) outdoors and was brought inside October 2020 and put into a grow tent where it has been ever since. It has been in the same growing medium and pot this whole time! I give it a hard pruning at least twice a year and it shows no signs of slowing down yet.
many years ago I kept some sort of "Japanese ornamental" variety for 5-6 years... had an easy indoor place to keep it every winter with plenty of sun. It continued to slowly produce year-round and then turned it up once it went outside for the summer. It was pretty! - never grew taller than about 2ft and the leaves were very thin and dark green... somewhat like the points of a cannabis leaf. The peppers, which were like large tabascos or bird's eyes in size, would start pink, then go deep crimson red and finish-off burgundy/maroon. Tasted like dirt and burnt plastic so I left the plant behind when we sold that house.
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3 years. I’m going to bring in some again this year after a good pest/neem wash or spray; There is another post here with good tips.