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overwintering How Soon Can I put My Overwintered Plants Out?

How high do I need to let nighttime lows get before I put my overwintered plants out?
They were grown in pots outside, brought in and cut way back last fall. They all have good new growth going and I need to get them the hell out of the way.
I intend to just set them out as is in their pots.
They won't be happy, but 50's would be ok. 60's would be better. Remember, they've been inside all Winter, so they need to be hardened off. Gradually introduce them to the sun. Too much too fast can kill them.

Edit: If they have aphids, throw 'em out there RFN! lol
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Yep one is outside rfn for just that reason.
I’m in the PNW so too much sun isn’t a big concern at the moment and they’ll be going onto a covered porch. I just don’t want to kill or permanently stunt them with cold making room for this years guys.
They’re still talking lows in the mid thirties for another week or two so I guess we’re looking at May.
Sounds about right. The sixth month of the year around here is commonly known as Junurary so if I waited until what is commonly thought of as good pepper weather I’d be well into July.
On the subject of overwintered plants - some of these guys are putting out blossoms. Should I pinch them off until more new growth is established?
If I had to wait until the night temperature was 15 degrees celsius I would never be able to put them outdoors here in Norway ;)
I think the most important thing is to gradually introduce them to their new environment. Especially full sun!

My experience is that peppers can handle most temperatures and climates without dying, but they won't thrive, grow new growth and produce fruits unless their requirements are met.

It's no right or wrong when it comes to pinching flowers if you ask me. It just depends on what you want. I rarely do it. I like to have a few early fruits here and there. You can choose some fruits now over potentially more fruits later. But later in the season you probably have many fruits anyway ;)