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How to dry aji Charapita peppers

Hello all
my plant is finally going to start producing and I won’t be able to use all these little fire balls I was wondering what would the best way to dry to make powder would I just dry them whole or do they need to be halved and is ok to grind them up with the seeds in them?
thanks and have a nice weekend 
I do the same with them that I do with any pod I’m going to dry: cut them in half and put them on a food dehydrator at 95-100°F and let them ride until they dried to the point of being brittle. The low temp approach helps to preserve the color. Store them in freezer bags somewhere cool, dry, and dark.
The dehydrator tech works suuper well for a quick drying!
I also use to hang em all tied like a ristra, some people hang em at sun others at shadow
I really prefer this method as the seeds continue maturing even if the chilie is young.
More time compared to the dehydrator but 2 on 1 drying and maturing seeds Jeje just the one that sounds better for you