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annuum How would you use a dried pepper (on the bush)?

some years ago, Pepperlover sold an annuum called Wine (their own creation). Back then, Judy was still in charge and the recommendation on their website (still available on Wayback Machine: Wayback 2017) read:

Another pepper created by us. This very sweet pepper has the smell and color of wine and can be left on the pant to dry which makes the taste much stronger

So far so good. I currently have the Wine growing, a pretty large pepper about the size of a Hatch chile, not quite as thick-fleshed.

I just don't really know how to use a pepper "dried on the plant". Ok, making powder but that could be achieved in other ways. I know of a few mainly Thai dishes, where they use dried chiles fried in oil. OK. But what would be your recommendation? I'd like to try it and have one completely dried Wine pod on the plant right now.

That's what the Wine looks like (not yet dried)

Greetings from Munich, Germany
I would use the Mexican technique for dried chiles: remove stem and seeds, toast very lightly (just until fragrant and pliable), then rehydrate in water just off the boil for about 20-30 minutes. If the soaking water tastes bitter to you, discard it; I find it does, others don’t. Then whiz it into a paste in the blender (or use a mortar and pestle).

That paste is then used as an ingredient in further sauces, stews, etc. Most stereotypical is ancho, of course, but the same technique is used with lots of similar, raisin-y peppers.
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