Howdy from Germany!

Hi gang!
This is Ben, my girlfriend and me moved in together last december and our appartment came with a rather large garden.
My better half is a huge gardening head so we worked all spring to get that garden how we like it, including a large raised garden which we used to grow all kinds of veggies including, you guessed it, peppers :)
I'm growing 3 bell pepper plants along with 2 jalapeño plants and one habanero plant, later this summer i rescued a thai chili and another jalapeño plant from the dumpster which are now sharing a pot.
So far I am more than happy with the harvest, all plants are going absolutely bonkers since late july and I'm looking forward to bottling many different hot sauce varieties :)

Glad to be here, hopefully i'll find the time to check in on this forum often enough!




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