Hydroponics & chileman site developments

Hi Guys,

I just thought I'd let you know that we (or more specifcally Tony Ford) has written & added a range of Hydroponics guides (systems, substrates, nutrients etc etc) to the chileman site:


We have added 'quick links' on the home page to make the site a bit more user friendly.

Weve also added a facility to allow our overseas users to view the database in their home language (assuming its Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portugese!)


We will be looking to convert the rest of the site content into these languages in the New Year to make the site even more user friendly.

I hope you all have a happy Christmas & a fantastic New Year.

All the best

Mark M
Ha! You beat me to it Mark! I just logged on to add the news and
your post was already here.

I got delayed playing with Julian's new database growing list
feature :-)

Here's my growing list (using tinyurl)


Hi Guys,

Tony wrote all the hydro guides, he deserves all the credit ;)

Tony, I see your ONLY growing 49 varieties next year!:lol: :lol:
Its nice to see I have photos in the database for 48 or them

I'll add my list as soon as I have decided what Im going to grow next year.

Ha! Yes, seems like a lot but most of the common and ornamentals
will be for family and friends. I sold a lot to the people I
work with last year, £1.50 a plant - it all goes to help pay
for the compost and plant food ;-) I grow about 200 plants for
sale like this.

I try to grow a couple of plants from each of about 20 varieties
around the garden and in the chilli house for myself. If my
alotment approval comes through I'll grow a few more. I keep a few
old favorites like fresno, apache and cheyenne, the rest will be
exotics and more rare.

Julian's great new addition means I don't have to print a list
of pictures, names and details for my work-mates either, I just
point them at the website! Fantastic resource.

darlochileman said:
Hi Guys,

Julian has been very busy adding even more content to the chileman site over the last few days.

Check out our new chile pepper world map and chile shop.



I want one of those aprons! I'm not usually keen to wear these
when I cook but the black apron with the chileman logo on looks
way cool! I can see me at the BBQ in this on the occasional
days in summer when it's nice enough outside to fire up the
old charcoal grill! :-)

The new map is nice too, grouping by region makes it possible
to identify and grow peppers from a single area if you want
a common theme to your growing.

Nice one,