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seeds I am looking for Capsicum Tovarii seeds

Hi Everyone,

I am a pepper genomic researcher and now work as a postdoc at the University of California Irvine. We have sequenced the genomes of a lot of pepper varieties. My long goal is to sequence most of the species in the Capsicum genus and elucidate how this genus evolves to so diversity. Recently, we collected a lot of wild pepper species samples, but unfortunately, we fail to find the seeds for one of the rare species while with phylogenetically important, Capsicum Tovarii. So I am here to ask for help, who can share some seeds of Capsicum Tovarii with me. We are happy to pay for it. If you have the seeds or you know where we can get the seeds of this species, please kindly contact me. My email address is: liaoy12@uci.edu

Thank you very much!!!!

Good luck with the research! Looking forward to reading the paper. I'm assuming CaneDog and the forum will get a S/O? ;)