I am Sam and Sam I am. I'm starting a hot sauce business and I want to learn and stay in touch with the pepper loving community.

Hello all,

The title says most of it, I really just want to stay in tune with other hot heads and learn from whichever avenue is available. I have always loved hot sauce and peppers, but recently decided to make the leap into selling sauce. I started growing peppers at my home 6 years ago and realized just how many peppers a single plant will produce here in SC. I used this abundance of peppers to start experimenting with different hot sauces. My friends and family are big fans and were always excited to see what the next flavor was. I came across this recipe that just seems to blow the socks off people and they couldn't get enough of it. I decided it was time to start selling.
Welcome! I'm a copacker with a presence in Pennsylvania, NJ, and North Carolina. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.

Just helped a guy in NJ launch his sauce. It's a tough market, but highly rewarding.

Make sure you charge the proper price. You won't be able to compete on price with the big dogs.

So compete on quality.