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I give thanks for...

This is a topic to give thanks to whatever you feel like.
I'll start it off:
I give thanks to everyone on THP who has made a curiosity an obsession for me. I found this forum after growing a few jalapeno plants, and growing a few "not" habanero plants from seeds from the home depot. I thought I did wrong, so I did some googling.....and found you all. 
This year I found out how to sprout, grow, pick and harvest a bunch of awesome peppers. Don't think I could have done it without this community.
My girl hates how much I talk about peppers, my co-workers and friends won't eat anything I say is "kinda hot" even if I say....it's not "too bad"/
I give thanks for a new hobby, and an obsession that will last for life.
What do you give thanks for?
Happy Thanksgiving to everone on this site!
I'm thankful my dog lets me use/have 1/4 of my bed to sleep on.
Though at times I think I heard the microwave running when I was in the middle of a good snooze.
Might have been the plants that formed my kitchen jungle at the time-probably in league with Heidi...

I'm thankful she hasn't learned to open my freezer or smoker while I'm sleeping.

I'm thankful she hasn't learned about using my credit card at the pet store or more likely the grocery store or the several fast food places nearby.

I'm thankful Pork Bellies (makin Bacon),London Broil/Top round and brisket were on sale for $3.00 Lb.(so is my smoker and freezer).


Anything else I'll just deal with as it happens...

Mites and a few other critters are thankful that I grew my pepper plants.Do they count? LOL

Happy Turkey day everyone!
I'm thankful for my God first and foremost. He gives me everything else to be thankful for. Next I thank him for my family. And of course I am thankful for my THP family. In reality, if I typed out everything I am thankful for, I would be here all day. So it will just have to suffice for me to say "Thank you God"
I give thanks for everything and everyone in my life, i urge everyone to be thankful for such as they have at the moment, this is not to say you should not hope for more but i have learned that if your not greatful for whatyou already have whats to say you will be when you have everything you want? i learned this valuable leason first hand recently after my wife left and my whole world began to crash in around me and i almost lost everything, God was trying to get me to stop being angry and disatisfied over what i did not have and over things that i wanted to happen that where just not faling into place at all or the way i wanted them to
God asked me to OPEN MY EYES and see that i was better off than most and in fact quite a bit more so, there is a large public park by my house and there are homeless people living there in some of the wooded areas, God brought them to mind when i remeembered a homeless couple last winter walking in the dark and it was raining,it had to be February and it was just starting to hit freezing temps
God brought them to my mind and i realized you are not them and your not there, do i need to put you there to get you to see you have it good in where you are and what you have??
so I AM GREATFUL FOR everyone and everything in my life we are only given one chance to get this thing called life right so whay not be greatful and give my all in and to give my all in what has been put before me from day to day
the Lord showed me that even thought he is ultimatly in control even when we cant see it, success or failure are both squarly in our hands, it a part of our God given right to chose
the way we think and our habits dictate weather we rise of fall, this is hard one coming for a REALIST SUCH AS MYSELF being ask to think more possitivly, i guess you could say recently i change my label from a realist to a POSSITIVE FORWARD THINKING REALIST what i mean by this is that even though i take my ques from life exsperiances ultimatly we dont have control over much of what happens to us in this life so why not take what we are given and run with it with a possitive attitude, this was not easy for me but the biggest thing i learned is when something bad does happen i come out on the other end better for most of it and alot better and sometimes quicker than when i had a negative attitude
my life
my wife
everything i have and will have
I'm thankful for my children, my soon-to-be wife, my family, that I have a good job, and that I woke up on the top side of the dirt. All else is trivial. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
I am thankful for my great family and great friends. Also thanks to everyone reading this because you compose in some way shape or form this awesome community I found some really awesome friends here.
Thankful for more things than I can list here.

But relevant to THP I'm thankful for the great friends I've made here, the phenomenal advice that others here have been so generous with, the feedback and support THP-ers have shown my products, and of course that my dog's name was catchy enough to use as a brand. :)

Much love to everyone here at THP, and best wishes for a terrific holiday to you & yours.
I'm thankful for my family, those friends who are family also, and to still be kicking the dirt from the topside after a medical issue showed up in September.  I'm grateful to have work to do, things to make, a family who loves me for who I am and for THP. 
Thanks for starting this thread, motorcity.  I was thinking of the same thing. 
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

This is just great! We needed a thread like this. Gratitude, appreciation, and love. I am grateful when all three are present in my world. Sometimes life is tough, but sometimes life is grand. "Take the good with the bad" as they say. In the past few years, we have had a run of "tough" but that's ok... If life was "grand" all the time, would it REALLY be grand? I am grateful for so many things right now, it really is tough to type it all out. I think Salsalady summed it up perfectly ^^^. I would only add that I am grateful for her turning me on to THP. If it wasn't for her, I never would have found you all.

Thanks for all the great times and the memories THP, you guys ROCK.... Hard.
I'm thankful THP hasn't banned me for introducing Scovie to THP.
xoxo Scovie!
JayT said:
Oh yeah, I am grateful for CJ too.  Even though I don't get to talk to her anymore... :sadface:
Ummmmmm you forgot me -_-
I'm thankful for my kids, I guess darth pepper, my family and friends and all my friends and "family" on the hot pepper :) I'm thankful for life in general (: the amount of things I'm thankful for go on and on and on(:
I'm grateful for....
Loved Ones (you all know who you are!!!), Good Health...
Simple Pleasures, Perfect Moments.....
Infinite Possibilities, Divine Timing......
Lessons Learned, Lessons to be Learned.....
And all these things that make Life so colorful.
Thank You to my THP Peeps....You All Rock!  xoxoxo
You too, CJ!