pests I got bugs

I moved a potted reaper indoors for the winter and I noticed that I have tiny yellow bugs all over the walls. Is there a spray I should use ?
Looks like pear shaped green Aphids to me, at least in your first pic for sure.
The other pics probably are aphids in different stages of their life cycle.
   Spraying (dawn dish soap)soapy water on non plant surfaces (walls/everywhere..?) should kill them all.
   Insecticidal soap on the plants a few times a month should erratic your problem... Could use neem, but inside it might be a little to much.
Whatever you do,, do it fast as inside all natural aphid predators are no longer present and this allows them to do much more damage inside and fast. It also looks to be an intense infestation with them in big numbers on the walls/table/etc.... Won't be long till leafs start curling and little pin holes appear
I’d spray the plant with a kitchen sprayer first to wash off the ones that you can. Also sterilize the soil and repot.

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yep its aphids, i use Pyrethrum kills on contact. wait a few days, inspect again and smash new infants if present. Avoid high temperature in your growing environment and strong light par ratings while spray is on the plant to avoid issues