grills I have a new toy, GrillGrates!!

I saw GrillGrates in all the SCA steak comps and thought well of course I need that.
It's made from anodized aluminum which is harder than stainless and it will get seasoned just like cast iron the more you use it. What's not to love?
It's like NASA engineering and I tested them out tonight with cheap bone in ribeyes and they worked just like a charm.
They come with this funky spatula but it works perfect, it fits inside the rails and there's no scraping off the grill marks and it's also great for scooping up asparagus.

The back side is smooth to use as a griddle, this is a game changer compared to a Lodge or flattop. Think flat top cooking with charcoal or smoke flavor if you drop a chunk in the coals.

I didn't have cooking spray to season them so I used canola oil on a paper towel to coat them, you can see where I spilled too much oil. It's already starting to get a nice seasoning.

Steaks on a screaming hot grill for 2 minutes then rotate 90 degrees for another 2 then flip and repeat except a 1 minute cook time then rest.

and the flip makes me hungry

These things cook so hot that you can hear the sizzle when you take it off and the smell of burnt beef fat is awesome.

Gotta have veggies too

I made sure I had all the sides done, roasted garlic, horseradish, sauteed onions and shrooms. You know the rest.

Get in my belly!!! 

 This was great for a first cook and it can only get better with experience and a nice thick ribeye.
The difference is: the grates get hotter and collect the heat even across the surface. The steak was more juicy and it had that restaurant high heat grill taste. Even the veggies came off with a charred smoke flavor and were still al dente but a perfect almost crisp bite.