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I have picked out some peppers for 2021

Well here is what I ordered from chiliplants.com for 2021 and they will arrive the end of March
Aji Cachucha   (mild Habanero)
Amazon Golden Olives  (very hot habanero)
Butlah Chocolate (super hot habanero)    new
Cayenne Buist's Yellow   (hot cayenne)
Chupetinho  (medium habanero)
Extra Hot   (hot Anaheim/New Mex)
Huasteco  (hot Serrano)
Jalapeno - Gigantia hybrid  (medium)
Lombak  (mild cayenne)   new
Serrano del Sol  (hot Serrano)
TAM Vera Cruz   (medium Jalapeno)
Xvill    (super hot habanero)
I may go to Southwest Fertilizer or to Home Depot later this Spring and get some more
regular chili peppers like habaneros and jalapenos and cayenne peppers