small-appliances I need a vacuum sealer for freezing

The Hot Pepper

What the best sealer?
I need one for things like, vacuuming fresh hot dog buns and freezing. I don't want to crush them! And vacuum sealing fish fillets, etc. Basically, a good basic one but with sensitivity enough not to crush fluffy bread.
i have a seal-a-meal and it works great. i gotta say that i`ve never used it on hot dog buns. mine is an older, lower end model that cost probably around $40, i don`t really remember. i use it mostly for meats for longer term storage. i don`t think mine has a "stop vacuum" feature. i`m sure the higher end seal-a-meals would have it. 10 years running and it works like new. 
there are 3 basic types, and all 3 of them permit adjusting inner bag pressure.
  1. foodsaver: requires special bags with channels to support air extraction when the bag surfaces are touching.
  2. probe/snorkel: does not require special bags, but it's kind of fiddly to use.
  3. chamber: the best design. does not require special bags. not fiddly. can be used to seal liquids. significantly more expensive than 1 and 2. it works well because the pressure differential between the inside and outside of the bag is 0 while the air is being drawn, so the contents are not disturbed. the vessel is re-pressurized after the bag is sealed. you can pull a hard vacuum with ordinary bags. some models also allow for inert gas flushing.
i have types 1 and 2. both suck. (lol)
i'm saving up for a chamber sealer.
I've got the FoodSaver V3240 (discontinued), which has a gentle/normal speed setting that allows you to slow down the vacuum action. It also has the stop button so you can stop before it totally crushes the bread.
I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.
One of the most used tools in our kitchen is our OBH Nordica pro vacuum sealer.
Every Saturday we pack up about 10-15 lbs of chicken breast filets, pork chops and ribeyes.
For years.
Not once has a piece of bread ever been near our vacuum sealer.
Those just get thrown into the freezer loose wrapped in a plastic bag.