I wish I had a camera : )

Tonight I took couple of Dorset Naga's to class with me
(thanks Tony) because my teacher and a copule of guys like hot food and peppers. My instructor is about 65-70 years old and eats endorphin Rush like ketchup so i figured no big deal with the nagas. He did pretty good it was all the tough guys and one other instructor that had me LMAO. they all started chewing and were able to sau it tasted pretty good and then their faces twisted up the Oh my Gods and Son of a Bitchs started. It was very funny. I only wish i had a camera.:hell:
That's beautiful.

Gotta love the "tough" guys who boast about how they love hot stuff and finally realize that jalapenos do not a hot pepper truly make.

The delay between when they start to chew and when the cap finally reveals it's full glory is such a magic time.
marcosauces said:
make sure you wash your hands after that. or you'll pay the ultimate price..:hell:

Oh, yeah, thanks. I've "paid" that price a couple of times before....it hurt so bad that i wanted to die.
are those peppers really that good? sure they are hot as hell, but do they really add anything to the food..

my limit are regular habaneros and fatalii peppers.. i dont like hotter than that, it just doesnt do anything for me..