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misc Identification

Hey everyone!

I live in Montreal and I found a few peppers around. I'm currently fermenting a few varieties, I was hoping you could help me identify two of them.

These first ones are found everywhere, they're simply called red chili in larger supermarkets, which is a little confusing as I want to find the right name for them. I found some today at a smaller store and they had a label on them that says "Red Hot Finger Peppers" after some research I think they could be it but not sure.


These next ones, I'm 90% sure are Scotch Bonnets, but wanted to be sure. I've been struggling to try to distinguish the bonnets and habaneros. Today at the same store I found "Hot Finger Pepper" I found similar ones to these and it said "Hot Jamai Peppers" Which I can only assume they were trying to say Jamaican peppers, hence Scotch Bonnets.


Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance and have a great day!
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I like your IDs. I certainly wouldn't disagree with them.

Good luck with your ferment. Leaving the caps on is ok, but I'd clip the long stems off. jmo.