Identify my 2020 peper problems/ remedies?

Hey thp community. I've been in the shadows for some time. Sorry about that.
Still growing and this season the pants have problems.
A "quick" summary to get you all up to speed-
I'm in zone 6
Sowed seeds in February with heat mats and t8's. Once established when they needed water I watered with a nute solution of Algoflash and CalMag with great results. Here comes mid May with 60s highs/47-50 lows temps but still some wild wind and a few colder ones thrown in the mix. I imagine I screwed them during the hardening off stage. Have a plastic covered green house and cooked them more than once. Brought them out by day in by night for a couple weeks. Now they're outside and hurtiing. Lots of yellowing, loss of leaves ect. The early ones that got baked are slowing regrowing new leaves. (Natural topping!) The fickle Reapers took the biggest hit.
Attached are some pics taken today.
Please help! Thanks!!
ps-I'm hoping stable day/night time temps will remedy.


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i agree with everything juanitos said. i`m in CT also and we are getting some overcast days and mild temps so your plants should do fine. repot them soon. good luck!
Thanks for the advise!
The roots are shallow. When I re potted a couple I was disappointed to find such a small root mass maybe due to top watering.