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scovilles In your option what do you think is the worlds sweetest pepper?


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San Juan Tsile Pueblo from Jim Duffy is the sweetest that I have tasted sofar. Also very mild heat so can be enjoyed by anyone.
saiias said:
I find my tekne dolmasi peppers really sweet.
I am also growing bell peppers and jimmy nardellos. But for me Tekne is the sweetest pepper I have ever tasted.

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Yes they are very sweet..... Antep Aci Dolma is also very sweet. Dried and powdered the antep is like spicy sugar. Ripe jalapeno can be pretty sweet too.
Got a load of Bolsa de Dulce ready to pick. Nice and ripe now. I thought Brazilian Starfish last year were just as sweet though. Im going to try to dry some and see how they turn out. Maybe even a sweet chipotle.