Indoor pepper guy

Hi - first time pepper grower. I have been trying to grow ghost and habanero's from seedlings for the past 8 months indoors. I know I can get the peppers from the store but it's been fun to appreciate the growth cycles of the plants as I tend to them every day. Joined so I can ask about some fungus or growth I'm seeing and get other pepper plant wisdom.
Welcome! I started out with a pepper plant on a windowsill once. Sweet memories.

Come to think of it, I still use a windowsill. It feels different somehow. :)
Watching them grow day by day and go through the various lifecycle stages has been super fun.

Thanks! We have had some wild weather with cold and rain and little sun for 3 weeks. It seems like there ois nothing I can do really.

It is fascinating that 4 plants in otherwise equal conditions with the exact same watering schedule, light, soil, pots, etc have different responses. The plant all the way to the left was the fastest grower, quickest to flower, and is the one having the edema. The other plants have no distress.