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I'm working to launch a sauce business and have many questions. One question I have not been able to find an answer to is around the protocals/requirements of listing my ingredients on my labels. I know there is a small business exemption possible, but I have every intention of putting ingredients list on my label. So I'm struggling with a couple of things.

1. I have a key spice ingredient that I'd prefer not to list. What are rules around just listing "spices?" I see many food products that simply list "spices". If I prefer not to disclose my key ingredient, can I just lump it into "spices?"

2. Ketchup is one of my ingredients. While I could make my own ketchup, it's much easier to just use canned ketchup and it does not add significantly to my per ounce cost. But I feel that listing "ketchup" is not super classy. If I were to just list the components of the precanned ketchup how would I know what order to list those components in relation to the rest of my ingredients? Any one have experience with this?

Many thanks.
That's super interesting that as the laws change, your nutrition labelling requirements change. I had never heard of fonts being authorized by a government department, but hey, it'll get done.

What size labels do you guys use?
Not printing myself. Maybe good for hobbyists, but commercial much different. Many variables to consider. "Plain" paper (although cheap) warps and inks discolor, also has propensity to mold after "sweating." Adhesives are also affected by temp changes eg. refrigeration, condensation. So, you have to consider these variables on choosing a label. Aside from the "message" you wish to convey, the way it is conveyed is paramount. "Cheap" to the eye is never a good thing - nor a good seller.

I will share my experiences with labels via PM if you like. I will show what a 3"x5" label looks like from the back of one of my bottles (typical 5 oz. woozy). Still some space leftover I could use.... But again reasons I will share only via PM. Hope this helps :cheers: