spirits Is everyone aware of the affect of alcohol on the capsaisin in chili peppers

I have been growing hot chili peppers for many years now and I have had books about Chili Peppers.
Years ago, I was reading and found one of my favorite uses of habanero type peppers.
What I learned was that the capsaisin (which makes the chili's so hot) is not water soluable
that means that when you eat a hot chili pepper and drink water -- "it does not help!"
But what is interesting is that the capsaisin (which makes the chili's so hot) is soluable in
alcohol, and thus if you eat a hot chili pepper and drink a marguerite it does help.
So I love to take a bottle of Crème Sherry and slice up habanero peppers and put the 
slices in the bottle of Sherry and then put it on the shelf.  Thus making a Habanero 
flavored Crème Sherry.  In this case the habanero is a very sweet tasting chili pepper if 
you can get past the heat.  So when you add the habanero chili to Crème Sherry the sweetness
of the chili compliments the sweetness of the sherry.  Also since the capsaisin is soluable in 
alcohol the heat of the pepper is "toned down" by the alcohol in the sherry.
I then take a bowl of the "habanero sherry" and marinate chicken breasts in this, and grill the 
chicken breasts.  These taste wonderful and my wife loves them when I do this.  Thus you have 
a wonderful entrée for dinner.
all i know is that when i`m eating spicy food i like to wash it down with an ice cold double IPA.  :beer:  :onfire:  :dance:
seriously tho, it never dawned on my to use alcohol in the marinade. i`ll have to try that. :cheers:
:welcome: Willinator!
That's a great idea to use the chiles in the sherry then to marinade.  Thanks for sharing. 
First off, welcome! That's actually a brilliant idea. I'm going to try that this fall once I actually have peppers.

podz said:
I get a big burn from a superhot and just take a shot of vodka. Been doing it for years.
It's usually the opposite for me. The shot(s) of vodka leads to me ingesting superhots... Either way works, I suppose.
For years we have made tinctures from hot peppers using Ever clear.
We use dried Chilies to keep water out of the tincture, soak them then
filter through a coffee filter & bottle in a dropper bottle or the like.

When you need a quick pick up just dose to your liking take it with you when
you eat out it's pure taste & heat.