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Jesse’s attempt at a 2022 glog

Hopefully I can stick with it, and update more often this year. I have very limited space, one grow tent and an 11th floor balcony that faces North/Northeast.


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Currently growing in the tent:
Most are immature at the moment, started in February.
1. Wiri wiri (C. chinense?) which is now two years old and counting
2. Pusa Jwala (C. annuum)
3. Bhavnagri "Hot Bhaji" (C. annuum)
4. Kanthari "white"(C. frutescens)
5. Phuljadi (C. annuum) A cluster type VERY similar to Pusa Sadabahar, but hopefully more vigorous
6. Habanada (C. chinense)

Recently germinated, destination not determined (balcony or tent):
1. NUMEX De Arbol (C. annuum)
2. NUMEX Vaquero Jalapeno (C. annuum)
3. Guntur Sannam S4 (C. annuum)
4. Guyana/Mahaica Big Pepper (C. chinense) Likely same as "Tiger Teeth"
5. Aji Omnicolor (C. baccatum)
6. KS White Thai (C. annuum)
7. KaHari Mirch (C. annuum) Translates to "from/of green chili". A VERY hot birdseye type.

Pics coming soon!


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Welcome to the new season Jesse!!
Looks like you are going to have a
full tent and balcony!

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@Indiana_Jesse Good to see you getting after it this season Jesse! And I agree with Peter ...errr @PaulG (hehe) the balcony and tent are gonna be bulging. How 'bout the ROOF? lol

Hope you have a great season! Keep us posted.
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Pusa Jwala. I decided to cull the “mother” plant as it seemed to be in a slow decline after a year and a half of producing hundreds of peppers for me. Hopefully it’s offspring (this one) is just as prolific.


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Great specimens, Jesse.

What size pot is the Wiri-Wiri plant in?


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Great progress since the last Kathari pic.
A lot can happen in six weeks!
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