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JJJ Glog 2022 Preview

State of the Garden -Late Fall 2021​

The whole of the fenced garden is 60x70 with 6" wove wire 8' tall
Starting last fall, we built the first beds inside the newly leveled and fenced garden area.
Garlic, shallots and a few fall greens were planted immediately.
This spring about 3/4 of the fenced area was put into typical garden vegetable production.
An additional 15x38' area was temporaily fenced and hand tilled for a crop of sweet corn and is currently in diakon radish for cover.

14 cuyd of mushroom compost were delivered last year, and 14 yd of Tru-leaf compost this year.
I had 4-8' beds made in spring 2020 or prior that were brought inside the fenced area -compost and all.
Only a few yards of the Tru-leaf remain unused.
The bed were filled with pure compost early on, but last winter I discovered the spot of an old feed lot (10-20 years old?) overgrown in poke, thistle, chicweed.
I cleared this by hand and grubbed out the poke roots.
I've hauled 5-10yd of the "bardyard dirt" and have been blending about 50/50 with the compost to fill beds.
Along with another smaller area of the same compostion I estimate almost 20 yards of very rich dark soil available for filling beds.

All my plantout beds are 42" wide
I'm in the process of building 4- 22', 8-10' and 8- 8' with 4' paths between them.
Some already have homemade concrete side panels 11.5" tall.
Some have 1.5" x 12" pine or fir sides
Some have been dug into the sandy clay subsoil 8-12" with the excavate mounded a few inches around the perimeter
Some beds have not been started except for a crop of Austrian Winter Peas being currently grown in the space currently planned for tomatoes
A 2' inner and 2' outer border for most of the 60x70 is being developed for herbs, flowers, asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb, gourds, whatever.
Outside the garden on the north end, grass and weeds are being scalded out for red and black raspberries plants that are on order for a 60' row of each next spring

(Early Plans subject to change without notice)


2022 Peppers​

22' bed of sweet peppers (28)
Carmen F1 (Johnny's) -16​
Sulu Adana (self-saved) -2​
Ancient Sweet (self-saved) -1​
Jimmy Nardello (self-saved) -5​
Jimmy NarYellow (self-saved) -1​
Big Jim (2021-2021 Seedtrain)-3​

10' bed of medium hots (12)
Zapotec Jalapenos (Baker Creek) -4​
Yaki Blue Fawn (PaulG) -3​
Cabe Merah Panjang (self-saved) -1​
SB Papa Dreadie (self-saved) -4​

Potted or Mini-beds of Supers and Misc
Fatalli -1​
Aji Charapitas (Richmond Dave) -1​
Aji Ahuachapan (Harry_Dangler) -1​
Red Habanero (Richmond Dave) -1​
Shishito (self-saved and 2021-2021 Seedtrain)-2​

Potted Ornaments
UFO (Richmond Dave) -2​

16 Varieties
Total Pepper Plantouts Target -48

Sometimes I pre-soak 24hrs. Sometimes I don't.
Gerninate in starter mix in cups on a heatmat set to 85F

Transplant about 72 plants at coty stage (usually 14-28 days after sowing
4 trays of 18 allows for extras.
3.5" square x 5" deep P86D pots (43.75cu in each) in 18 pocket liners with Extra Heavy Duty 10x20 trays from Greenhouse Megastore
Uses about 2 cuft of 15gal of starter soil mix. (This seems like a lot but the calculator said 1.82 cuft)

Starter Soil recipe​

For 15 gallons
Start 30-60 days before needed for "aging" to allow beneficial fungal and microbial growth and organic nutrient breakdown to begin.
7.5 gal Sphagnum Moss​
3.75 gal Perlite​
3.75 gal Tru-Leaf compost​
2 cup Kelp Meal (1-0-2)​
3 cup Plantone (5-3-3)​
2 cup Comfrey Compost Tea (homemade)​
1/2 cup Feed Molasses (dissolve in the comfrey compost tea)​
2 cup Dolomite​
8 cup Glacial Rock Dust​

Mix throughly and store damp (not soggy) in waterproof container in place not subject to prolonged freeze. (Like in a contractor waste bag in a garage)

For an Early-Mid May plantout
Start chinensis Feb 1
Start baccatum Feb 21
Start annum March 7

I have a 50% shade cloth that I used for baby trees last summer that will come in handy for hardening plants off.
We live near a ridgetop and wind is vicious especially in, but not limited to, winter, spring, early summer and late fall.

Thanks for reading
advice welcome,
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If you're into pepper germination test result tables, you're in luck.
GT or Gtest means Tested good. Seed were planted on 12/13-14/21 no soaking.

Variety_KeyLot_commentSeed_Source_KeyYear_Collected For
Aci Sirvi CayenneGT12-18-21RichmonDave2022
Aji AhuachapanGT12-19-21 21-22 Seed TrainHarry_Dangler2022
Aji Dulce, YellowGtest 12/19/21RichmonDave2022
Aji VerdeGtest 12/31/21Mpicante2015
Ancho TiburonGtest 1/11/22JBLO2015
Ancient SweetGT12-20-21 large, 3-lobed thick walled, not extra sweet but probably roasts wellSelf-Saved2022
Beaver DamGT12-17-21Self-Saved2022
Beaver DamGtest 12/19/21 Tough year, plants not good sunburn, but this plant prolific not many leaves thoughSelf-Saved2022
Bhut Jolokia, RedGT12-17-21 17gr BIG GhostSelf-Saved2022
Bhut Jolokia, RedGT12-22-21Mother Plant from DavidSelf-Saved2022
Big Jim, NumexGT12-20-21The Page Seed Co2019
BiquinhoGTest 12/19/21RichmonDave2022
Bishop CrownsGT12-18-21RichmonDave2022
Cabe MerahGTest 12/19/21 Some confusionRichmonDave2022
Cabe Merah BasarGT12-18-21RichmonDave2022
Cabe Merah BasarGTest 12/25/21RichmonDave2014
Cabe Merah BasarGTest 12/31/21 retrived from frozen plant 11/14Self-Saved2015
Cabe Merah KeritingGTest 12/19/21RichmonDave2022
Cabe Merah PanjangGTest 12/19/21Self-Saved2022
Cabe Merah PanjangGTest 12/25/21 Corkscrew phenotypeSelf-Saved2015
Cabe Merah PanjangGTest 12/25/21 Regular phenotypeSelf-Saved2015
Cherry BombGTest 12/19/21RichmonDave2022
F1 - Charipita x Bishop's CapGT12-21-21 Plant was about 6' in greenhouse. Multi-year? Fruit quarter-size red, Cross not sureRichmonDave2022
FishGT12-20-21 Mother Plant from DavidSelf-Saved2022
Golden MarconiGTest 12/18/21 From plant sold as Jalapeno, had 3-4 peppers in it. This one was about 12" longSelf-Saved2022
Inca Red DropsGtest 1/6/22 !BethBoyd2012
Indonesian 5 StarGT12-26-21 An unnamed variety RichmonDave brought back winter 2014.Self-Saved2015
Scorpion, YellowGT12-20-21 Big podRichmonDave2022
Scotch Bonnet, Papa DreadieGT12-21-21 from 2020 John seed 22g ++formSelf-Saved2022
Scotch Bonnet, Papa DreadieGT12-21-21 Good plus MOA phenotypeSelf-Saved2022
Scotch Bonnet, Papa DreadieGT12-21-21 Star Bottom and cap phenotypeSelf-Saved2022
ShishitoGT12-22-21 2021-22 seed trainRed Hot Cali Pepper2022
Short Fat Red Sri Lanka?GT1-3-22RichmonDave2014
Sulu AdanaGT12-22-21 Generation form seed of John SawyerSelf-Saved2022
Sulu AdanaGT12-23-21 Early saved pepperSelf-Saved2022

I was planning on giving the cells a month before pulling the plug and disposing of the seeds gone bad, but today a seven year old Ancho seed popped.
So, what's a pepperhead to do:think:?
Only about 10 lots of about 120 of the 2015 and older seeds have sprouted. About all of the 2022 varieties did as would be expected.


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Only about 10 lots of about 120 of the 2015 and older seeds have sprouted. About all of the 2022 varieties did as would be expected.
Superior pepper growing spreadsheet, Carl!

2015 and older seeds would be a challenge. I got a couple
of 2016 varieties to germinate this season, and count myself
lucky. Did you see @skullbiker's post about germinating old
seeds with oxygen infusion, along with a couple of other
steps? Most interesting, and worth a look if one is trying to
germinate legacy seeds.
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Thanks for the heads up, @PaulG.

I will give that a look. I've got a few that maybe worth a retry with an improved protocol.
Your wilds are gonna be wild this year!
3-4" of snow on the ground with a hefty ice glaze. A little more in the morning.
Snow is the best thing for the ground in the cold of winter.

Still pre-season for me except some old seed lots that sprouted and thought I'd give'em a chance.

IMG_1611 (2).jpg

They seem to be liking their soil. My growing garage may be facing some heating issues as temps are headed down to single digit in that when I close things up for the night it both over heats then under heats. I may try to enclose another 16" on the front and fiddle with the heater to try to buffer things right.

Left to right:
Aji Verde Class of 2015 (still tipping his helmet hat on the coty :) )
BethBoyd's last Inca Red Drop Class of 2012
Indonesian 5 Star(unnamed) Class of 2015
ShortFatRed SriLanka(unnamed) Class of 2014

Still about 10 days until I drop a few chinense seed.

In the Non world...


Just finished of the last of my fall garden from the fridge yesterday.
So we've just started clipping on a tray of Forellenschloss(Speckled Trout) lettuce, 4 and half weeks old.
I've 3 more trays of various lettuce on one week intravals following.

Thanks for reading.
Keep January Green
Got some poppers.


This is the ninth day, so about right on schedule for the planned peppers.
Still anxiously awaiting Paul's Yaki Blue Fawn.
These are Bonnets and Habs.
Forgot to put my Charapita in with this batch and just sowed them yesterday.
Of some concern is, these are the palest sprouts in my pepper memory.
Over-watered? Too hot? Too cold? I haven't seen this with this batch of mix before. I think they are greening up, but you know how anxious parents are.
I may lighten this mix before next time .

The unplanned peppers.


The Aji Verde is hogging all the space. You can see she's still sporting her helmet hair on the tip of a coty. Probably move her to a gallon or gallon+ pot in a few weeks. She popped 35 days ago.

Weather forcast is calling for at least 2 more weeks of February.
But at least most of the snow has been rained away.
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Oh drat! I hope that Yaki Blue Fawn pops for you
sooner rather than later.


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Yay, @JJJessee - glad to see the YBF is trying to make
an entrance!

Just noticed you are growing Beth's Inca Red Drop.
I grew that when I first started growing peppers in 2012.
I have lost those seeds over the years, and would love
to grow it again from some of that legacy strain.

Let's do a little seed swapping at the end of the coming
season, okay? The little IRD seedling looks like it's going
to be a good one! Would be totally awesome if you could
isolate a pod or two.
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Great idea, @PaulG. I was already planning on growing the Red Drop in a pot as my front porch pepper, so isolation will be easy. I'll definately get you and others interested some good seed.
Sprouts are looking good. About ready for new shoes, but my shoe dealer is fresh out. So I rounded up someone to split a 450 case of 3.5" square by 5" deep, my favs, from Growers Solution. Maybe they will show up soon enough.
IMG_1673 (2).jpg

I did get the Carribean Habs(we think) planted up, and have since trimmed away the doubles. They seem to transplant well that way if they don't fall apart naturally.
IMG_1681 (2).jpg

This Aji Verde is going to be a monster by May.
IMG_1696 (2).jpg

I'm not sure a gallon pot will hold until then. Hate to top too it but....
IMG_1697 (2).jpg
Me too, @ahayastani. It was a seed I got off the seed train years ago and never got around to growing. There is a pretty good review on YouTube. This one was 24 days before it popped, but of course age had something to do with it no doubt.


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@JJJessee - The Aji Verde is a super robust plant.
Should be a real winner for you this season.