JLD Hot Sauce & Knives ready to launch

Greetings Chiliheads,
             Just wanted to let folks know that JLD Hot Sauce & Knives (winner two years running at The Hot Pepper Awards) web site jldsharpsauce.com will be up and running in a few weeks. I'll repost when my web designer gives me a firm date. Have a glorious day.
What do you haul and where do your boats go?
A late friend of mine was a captain on ore boats on the great lakes
We haul Liquefied Natural Gas, go all over the world. I am Chief Engineer.
/\  I love it! :)
There will be no smoking within 500 miles of this vessel.. or everyone will die.. including the water and the clouds.. that is all. this is the captain..
Actually LNG is carried at -160 C (-256 F), and methane will only burn in concentrations between 4%-14% CH4 in air. Yes you can only smoke in one room on board and we follow very strict protocols, but it is a fairly safe cargo. Because everyone respects it. Chili plants like the tropical sun and grow well here as long as you bring them when the wind comes up :) .
Its Gator season down home He was caught 20-25 miles from my house, Glad they don't eat chilies
.  Between the meat in the freezer and the money for the hide he will keep this family going for a while. I got the knives to do him right.