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johnwilliamhunter 2021-2022

Hello all,

I feel like this will be embarrasing but what the hell :).

Caysan flower 1.jpg

Caysan flower, actually two from the first branching node.

Jalapenos ground 1.jpg

My two oldest, Jalapenos in the ground and have been in a war with the slugs.

Jalapenos pots 1.jpg

Another two Jalapenos in 300mm pots,

Jalapenos pots 2.jpg

and another 4 in 175mm pots.

Jalapeno branching node 1.jpg

What's interesting is all six of these have two flowers and three branches at the first branching node.

Caysans pots 1.jpg

Three Caysans, starting to flower, (you can ignore the other three they are "sweet peppers").

Cayennes pots 1.jpg

Then twelve little Cayennes growing up.

It occured to me this wasn't enough plants and although it's late I still planted some seeds.

Jalapeno seedling 1.jpg


Caysan seedling 1.jpg


Thai seedling 1.jpg


New seedlings 1.jpg

New arrivals.

I'm still getting nights as cold as 5C (41F), and days as hot as 30C (86F) already.

Hopefully we'll still have five months of suitable weather.

Let's see what happens :).


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So these 'Jalapenos' turned out not to be Jalapenos... the six seedlings I got from a nursary.

Not a Jalapeno.jpg

This looks like a 'Bell Pepper' right?

Jalapeno fruits 1.jpg

These look more like Jalapenos :), the first two I got from a supermarket.

Jalapeno seedling 3.jpg

Seedlings getting a bit screwed up in the heat in those little pots, I think they'll do better in a shade house at this point, 35C days now.

Cayenne 1.jpg

The bigger Cayennes don't seem as fussed about the heat.

Caysan 1.jpg

And the Caysans are doing alright :).


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A triple fork is awesome, more growth tips
to flower and set pods! In 2020 all six of
my annuums had triple forks. I have no
idea why they happen, especially in a
group like that. I always do a little dance
when I spot one!


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Yes it is cool :), I've had the odd plant grow like that in the past but I don't remember ever having almost all of them do it. I'm curious if it's more of a genetic or environmental thing.


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Hi again, my computer has been out of action so I hadn't updated, and my camera flash failed so excuse the crappy photos.

The Jalapeno plants got pretty big, they fell over and I had to tie them up again, I've been eating them green, mostly bbq'd, they're pretty hot, just starting to get a few ripening, .

The Caysan plants didn't get half as big as I thought they would, but I've been eating quite a few ripe ones lately.

The Cayennes have wanted to get big, there are 2 dozen or so fruits per plant, but only 2 ripe so far, it's still warm enough so still hoping we have a long season.

Most of the plants I grew from seed I kept in the shade too long, but they have some fruits, here are some I put 3 plants in each large pot.

Some Caysan fruits I picked today, the larger ones on the left are really hot, and the smaller ones on the right from a different plant are really mild. They're in a sauce I made with tomato and sweet peppers now :).


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Looking good as you head into your
Fall season. Keep up the good work.