juanitos 2018 seeds

It's the time of the year for buying seed, thought i'd do a little post to explain our 2018 offering.
The site is updated to allow paypal, google pay, and normal cards.
Shipping is 100% free anywhere(that usps ships). 
No fees, the price in your cart is what you pay.
All of our seed packets are 20-25 seeds.
All of our seed packets are 4$. not "rare". no promotions/sales. just a good price.
All of our seeds for sale are harvested in 2018. Fresh af. 
i can't post all the varieties but i'll put some of my favorite pictures. 
These are my pictures from the plants where i harvested seeds, the real deal!
I think BBM are so striking. very gnarly. bumpy even has some spikes that stick out! superhot of course and very sweet.

SB7J have a cool shape, are gnarly, and have a bit thicker walls than other red superhots.

I know i get a lot of flac from family for not growing "normal" peppers that people can eat
So i grew Joe's Long Cayenne! Great in cooking in place of any cayenne / red pepper. 
It's also just really fun to show off. Will for sure be the longest pepper most people have ever seen.

i'm trying to be as transparent and sexy vendor as possible,
if you have criticism or suggestions feel free to pm or post.
Walchit said:
Which one is your heaviest producer? And should I go with Joe's long or thunder mountain longhorn?
thunder mountain is more like a vanity pepper. the pods are super thin so you don't get much meat. they are so thin they will dry right on the plant if you leave em there.
so it kinda looks cool. but def not as useful. pic: https://i.imgur.com/ZxkaKk4.jpg
heaviest producer by quantity would be one of the small ones like biquinho or coyote zan white.
heaviest producer by weight is Jays peach ghost scorpion or habanero paper lantern or joes long. 
paper lantern 

short vid of jpgs putting on pods
I have already been eyeing paper lanterns. I might have to grab your Jpgs too, mine didn't seem to produce that great this year.
Dude. What happened to the seeds you got from cardi? I need moa scotch bonnets and OG peppers from cardi. Maybe Im just late to the pardi.