June is Mod Appreciation Month


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Just want you guys to know:
We are constantly trying to make a positive impact for every user on this platform.  We are always talking about how we can improve; as moderators and as users of this place we have come to call home.  We want and encourage feedback and we delight in your suggestions.  Modding a site this size is not easy, and on rare occasions not fun.  That said we do this out of love - love for peppers, love for hot sauce, and most importantly love for all of you that help us make this house the best place on the web for hot pepper related content.  Kudos to pookie for the post - but ultimately without all of you guys this kickass forum wouldn't exist.
If there is ever anything we can do - PM us and let us know how we can be of assistance.  We are here to help this house become your home.  :D
Well, we'll need their addresses for that.
It only takes a minute to show your appreciation.  Although some call it indecent exposure.
Truly, you folks to a great job.  Thank you ever so much.  But I do think Pookie should be included in that thanks!
The Hot Pepper said:
The mod team... not new anymore! Been almost a year (not quite) but they have kept the place running smoothly.
Show your appreciation!
Thanks everyone, and thanks for the suggestion, Boss. I'm glad to be a part of this great community of pepper freaks, and am lucky enough to be able to call many of you "mates".
SNF hit the nail on the head with his post  :clap: so there's not much more to add, however I would also like to say that my inbox is always open and I'm happy to help any way I can. Just remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
Well said on all counts. You guys do a wonderful job here. I can only suppose what it must entail. In absolute sincerity, "thank you." I have gained much here in more ways than I can presently recollect.
THP and Mods, I will be here til the walls crumble or a "cease and desist" order gets served.
Thanks again to all and keep on trucking!   :cheers: