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Just a widdle biddy stinger !!!

Its about time too!

After dealing with mites, winds of gale force, searing temps and downpours of seemingly ark proportions, and months of flower drop, I finally have a super that has set.

This is a reaper ( fingers crossed ! )


Here is a shot of my grocery store Scotch bonnet/ habanero/ whateverthehelltheywantittobethisweek pepper.


I'm excited because these are the first plants I've ever grown from seed to produce any poddage. Shoot , the first time I've ever tried anything to be honest.

I had a ghost plant last year but that was given to me.

Thanks for looking!
Looks promising man! Congrats and hope it goes right. This year has been hell with weather for me as well and both my reaper plants just started to pod up...I'm sure you can't wait for the ripen