shopping Keygoes Chili Keychain, $6 on Amazon



I just thought some members here might be interested in this. The price of the stainless steel version of the Keygoes keychain has dropped to $5.95 on Amazon, with free Prime shipping. It comes with four refills of pepper powder: Reaper, Moruga, Butch T and Tabasco. It is a pretty solid, well-made item. There is a window on the side to see the level of powder remaining, and a small hole on the bottom that makes it easy to change out the plastic refills. The plastic refills have three small holes on the top. You use it just like any regular salt or pepper shaker. Anyway, it is a convenient way to carry some heat with you, and it is pretty cheap right now.
The same product with only 2 refills included is 20 Euros + shipping on the Keygoes website, so $6 shipped is a pretty nice discount if you want one.
Keygoes site:
I just ordered a few. Anyone international, give me a PM. I'll pass a couple on for the cost plus mailing. In the past, small lightweight orders going international at first class mailing, not priority, were about $7.
Mine arrived today.  Looks like a nice solid unit.  One of the vials definitely had a pepper leak.....everything inside the baggie is covered.  :lol:  oh well....
I have one set going to floricole in Quebec.  I have 3 more sets available if someone international wants one. 
Looks like shipping to quebec is $8.  Plus the $6 price, $14.