flavor Killer pods with killing bitter aftertaste

I have a rainbow of seedlings from red habanero or 7pot like chilli that was supposed to be trinidad scorpion. Long story short.. This year all the pods are orange and most of the pods until now were not as hot as last year.
But, there's another one with large pods. They were turning colour for more than a week, so I picked one to finally test it's strength. It's like 10% green, so it's not ripe yet. I smelled the bugger, and it was nice and fruity. Cut off a piece with just a small amount of placental tissue. Placed it on my tongue, started tasting - fruit deluxe, then it kicked the first time, with heat. Second hit came a moment after the heat, bitter aftertaste that made me squeak like a little girl. I needed a minute or three to regain my voice again.  :P
I wonder, if that crazy bitterness completely goes away when it gets fully ripe. Strangely they seem to be ripening extremely slowly and I'm afraid I won't be able to keep them growing long enough to get fully ripe pods. I definitely need to keep this pepper alive during the winter and start early the next season.
They are ripening faster. I think one of them is already fully ripe so I'll pick it in a day or two - just in case. Snapped a couple of photos with mobile phone, so it's not the best picture quality. :) If you have an idea what kind of cross it could be, It would be awesome :)
Here are more photos of it ...
Today I haven't felt the bitterness. Not even on unripe pod. I guess it was caused by hot and dry weather. I opened a couple and there was some oil. It looks these will be OK to breed a bit longer. :)