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Kimchi, Second Season

I made my first Kimchi last year, three batches, and was very pleased with the results. I grew my own Korean peppers, dried them and flaked them. In 2018 I grew more peppers and also grew Daikon Radish.


This one dressed out at 12 oz, about right for the 3 lb Napa Cabbage I was using.

Here is the Kimchi, put together yesterday. I will let it ferment for about 2 weeks.


I did an informal survey of my friends last year and was surprised how many of them had never heard of Kimchi. However, it was pretty popular. Kimchi makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich.

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Its sorta common for Koreans to put a slice of cheese on some types of kimchi based stews. Im not really a fan of that but it makes a killer Reuben and awesome on hotdogs with cheese too. Add some 1000 Island to offset the sour. I still make a very simplified kimchi just for hot dogs. Its just salt, Dole Slaw mix, gochugaru and fish sauce which is sorta optional.