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hydroponic Kratky convert ! Ring of fire trial.......

Hi Guy's

This season as with each season has been an education I promised myself not to grow too many and as always I did. However it's allowed me to experiment with different idea's methods, pot sizes etc

This season I've finally got round to trying hydroponics the complicated mystical art of growing in water ! or so I thought. A bit of research and assistance from this wonderful forum and I ventured into basic home made Kratky set ups with my "excess " plant's something I would never have tried with my "best" plant's as I knew so little about the subject.

It's early days I'm no expert and i know I have alot to learn and it could all go horrible wrong but so far I've been blow away by this simple method and the results.

Here's a few photos to help convince those who like me have pondered hydroponics and not got round to trying it yet for various reasons.


The subject plant 7th May 2023 in it's soil pot in the greenhouse I also have other still in soil.


The subject plant in new home made Kratky hydroponic set up 8th May 2023, soil washed off its roots and solely supported by Leca, there didn't seem to be any I'll effects which I had expected 😀

It's now the 28th of June 2023 I've topped up the nutrients a few times now and changed the nutrient ratio from 50/50 to 40/60 once fruit started to appear wow ! This plant is so far ahead of it's potted brother's and sister's admittedly they have been outside for a month now but I gave away another that had only ever been in the greenhouse and it was nowhere near to the Kratky subject.


The subject plant this morning I've been truly blown away by this method and really considering going fully hydroponic next season here in Scotland this system really is the way forward I'm sure.


Just about to start taking my first crop from the subject plant I harvest my Ring of fire green to use in Indian curries also I've found this to promote faster regrowth. I've note from previous years crops from potted it will be interesting to compare.


Look at those juicy pod's ! Consider me a convert :D

I hope my post will motive others to try hydroponics particularly in short season country's like mine.
I've been using two methods firstly simply lift the whole lid up but you need either to get a hand or have the mix ready lift up with one hand and top up.

Second way you note a whole with a Cork in I've a stick I use like a dipstick so I xan fill through the wee hole and use the dipstick to make sure I leave the gap under the pot.

I'm not using net pots simply normal pot's but adding more wholes with a hot screwdriver so far so good :thumbsup: 🤞
How do you refill the water in a kratky system like that without harming the plant's air roots?
When I used to grow this way I would simply set a same size bucket next to the plant I was gonna refill/change nutes. Lift the lid, plant and all and set it on the empty bucket. Then I would dump the old nutes, rinse well, add fresh nutes to the correct level and set the plant back in. Super easy.
Englander........looks like you are having lots of success and enjoying your hydro grows. Those plants look really good. Soon you'll be doing other forms of hydro! I remember growing in my first recirculating system and it grew really nice plants. Kind of a pain though due to the nute ratios getting out of whack through out the grow. I went to drain to waste so the plants would get the same nute dose each time and that worked out great. Setting the timer correctly was key to not wasting too much. Good luck with your future endeavors.
Hi Guy's

Took my first crop from this plant a couple of day's ago 14 big plump green Ring of Fire cayenne chillies :D


This plant was grown from seeds I saved last year I'm pretty sure the parent's weren't this big ...........


I've got records for the yield from the parent plant's last year it will be interesting to compare............

Hi Guy's

This little project has been a real eye opener !


Obviously it lives in my greenhouse but came out for a photo shoot and to be relieved of fruit (yet again) 😁 it was getting top heavy in its little kratky tub.

Today's harvest 46 green fruit 😋 bringing the total harvest to date to 118 chillies 😎


Given that this plant is pretty close to beating what I would normally harvest from a potted Ring of Fire over the whole season I'm blooming impressed 👍

I can only imagine the yield its going to give by the end of the season..................

On a side note the small tub I think works well only really holding 3 1/2 litres of nutrients without drowning the plant mean I can let it go right down to only 1" and then refresh which so far it seems to like and keeps it healthy 😀

Hi Guy's

I'm calling time on my 2023 Ring of fire cayenne kratky experiment I hadn't intended to grow this plant in a kratky hydroponic set up sort of stumbled into it so started later than if I had planned to from the start.

Next year 2024 I shall be growing my Ring of fire in a planned kratky set up from the start. It will be interesting to compare my 2023 experiment.

Today 5.11.23 the plant is still in my wee Scottish greenhouse night temps are down to 3.3 oC day highs of 12 oC the plant is still covered in flower's, buds and small pod's but daylight is now approx 8am to 5pm is darker day by day.

I could bring it inside and stick it under light's but it's too much hassle........


My Kratky convert Ring of Fire as of today 05.11.23 removed from my greenhouse for the photo opp 🙂 looking a bit sorry for itself due to low temperature and failing day light. It's I a 5 litre tub so holding about 2 1/2 litres of hydroponic solution seemed to work well.


However still trying to push out flower's and pod's............despite less than ideal conditions...........

This season I've been harvesting the pod's green as I always do and freezing them to keep track of it's productivity. I had other plant's I soil inside and outside to eat fresh 😋

Normally I grow my Ring of fire in pot's of soil i leave the first pod o ripen for next seasons seeds and from my records I see I normally get about 100 to 110 greenhouse per plant in soil.


248 frozen Ring of fire chillies 🌶 😎 an interesting experiment that will save me keeping 2 or 3 plant's hence freeing up space.

Considering converted !