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Lamb Stuffed Onions

These are a tasty Middle Eastern dish  of delicious lamb and goat cheese wrapped in onion skins and baked.
Being an Afghani dish it makes use of fresh chopped coriander and lots of Garam Masala to season the lamb, and it's further infused with the onion.

Lamb Stuffed Onions
2-3 large white or yellow onions
2lbs ground lamb
1-1/2c cooked basmati rice
8oz crumbled goat cheese (Feta optional)
1c bell pepper, diced
1/2c raisins or 1c diced prunes.
1c chopped fresh coriander
2T minced garlic
2T garam masala seasoning
1t Salt
Black pepper
Olive oil

Skin the onions, trim each end and make a cut halfway thru one side.
Place in large/deep pot of boiling water until they start to soften, transfer to a dish until cool enough to handle and carefully peel the layers apart intact.


Cook 1/2c of Basmati rice, set 1-1/2c cooked rice aside.
Add 3T of olive oil to a frying pan and brown the lamb over high heat.
Add the rice, raisins, bell pepper, garlic, Garam masala and salt, mix well, lower heat to medium and cook for five minutes more.
Allow lamb mix to cool a bit and then mix in the goat cheese and chopped coriander.


Preheat the oven to 350°.
Coat the bottom of a casserole dish with a thin layer of olive oil.
Fill each onion skin with the lamb mix and place seam side down in casserole dish.


Cover dish tightly with a double layer of aluminum foil, bake for one hour.
Uncover, spoon drippings over top of onions and then season liberally with black pepper.
Return to oven uncovered till onions start to brown, being careful not to burn them.


The Money Shots
Served with Garlic Green Beans and Roasted New Potatoes with Herbs


Looks good, "Garam Masala" is an Indian spice, just saying'. The word "Garam" meaning "hot" and "Masala" meaning "spice" in Hindi.
podz said:
Looks good, "Garam Masala" is an Indian spice, just saying'. The word "Garam" meaning "hot" and "Masala" meaning "spice" in Hindi.
True'dat, it originated thereabouts.
But it is also a very common spice mix in many regional cuisines, including Afghan, Pakistani, Nepalese, Tibetan, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and others.
Dude, I love this recipe! Pics are what I meant werent gonna be that great, using my work iPad which is appropriate as that is all I do right now.

I used the prunes instead of raisins and a bunch of bishops crown peppers in lieu of bell pepper. My wife finished the process for me... kinda fell asleep while they were in the oven. I even had stuff to go on the side, but whatever haha...

Thanks for the idea! Sadly, only one of my kids enjoys lamb like I do, but I can see making this again.


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