Lawrence Family Farms

Jumped in with both feet this year and have a couple thousand pepper plants, of various types, growing in our field. We're also on track to get organic certified by August 1 if nothing goes wrong between now and then. 
Anyway, full details of the farm, from planning, to seeding, to present day weed picking and general weather griping (!), are available on the GLOG right here on THP:
I'm taking requests for produce now. Our Habanero crop is spoken for already, but we will have a wide variety of peppers available - we planted between 25 and 250 plants of each type, so there'll be plenty to go around. Hoping we might get any of you hot sauce or flake or other vendors interested, but we'll also direct ship for smaller orders. We're several weeks off from harvest yet but if anyone wants stuff in bulk, now is the time to work out any details on pricing and quantity (which may be dependent on whether we can harvest these as USDA certified organic after our inspection is done, and / or contingent on that).
We've got the following varieties growing, with the approx # of plants currently in the dirt noted (so you have some idea of what we can supply at harvest):
7-pot brainstrain (red) (25+ plants)
7-pot primo (red) (~50 plants)
Aji Cereza (~50 plants)
Aji Limo (~45 plants)
Aleppo (~125 plants)
Big Sun Habanero (~100 plants) - SPOKEN FOR
Criolla Sella (~135 plants)
Drying Serrano (~50 plants)
Farmers Jalapeno (~100 plants)
Farmers Market Scotch Bonnet (~55 plants)
Fresno (~125 plants)
Jalapeno Biker Billy (~125 plants)
MOA Scotch Bonnet (~130 plants)
Moruga Butch T (~25 plants)
Moruga x Reaper (~30 plants)
Nu Mex Vaquero (~210 plants)
Pimiento Cristal  (~40 plants)
Poblano (~45 plants)
Reaper (~55 plants)
Santa Fe Grande (~110 plants)
Sweet Anaheim (~40 plants)
Sweet Charlston (~100 plants)
Tekne Dolmasi (~80 plants)
Thai Orange (~25 plants)
Turkish Cayenne (~250 plants)
Yellow Fatalli (~160 plants)

Thanks, hope you all have a nice, HOT summer!
Thanks! It's been an adventure. The next couple of days are going to be rough. We had a thunderstorm kick our everloving asses today. 70% of the pepper crop fell over. We counted 237 downed pepper plants in the first 10 rows. We added up row lengths and figured up 437 t-posts, every 10 feet, rope between them, tomato twine and clips, to stand the peppers back up.
Going to be a long next couple of days pounding t-posts in to the ground.
How do I go about buying these? I bought a OneVanilla card and usually use it on a website but their peppers go so fast it always says out of stock when I look.

Both the TFM and MoA Bonnets sound great to me.
Received my order this afternoon! Everything arrived safely & I was pleased with the thoughtful packaging. Especially appreciated the prompt & informative SMS updates, from order confirmation, to shipping updates, to delivery confirmation.
Everything I ordered from Trent this year was fantastic and he is always very generous with extras.  I highly recommend him and hope his website is back up soon.