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issue Leaf wither - nute, light, or pest?

My maybenero plant has an issue with its new growth. I returned from a four day trip to find all the new leaves shriveled and lifeless, but kind of limp like cooked spinach, if that makes sense, rather than dry. I realized I had left my grow light on the whole time (it's not super strong, but still), and don't know if that could be the issue. The new leaves have odd coloration and a troublesome look. And the larger leaves have a texture underneath that doesn't seem correct.

Here's a photo from the top today, and photos of the undersides of two larger leaves. I don't know what I'm looking for with pests, so I'm asking the wise folks of THP. Other "leaf issue" posts mentioned either calcium or mites. Are those pests under the leaves I'm seeing there? I appreciate any help very much!