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LHornR's 2023 GLOG What it is...What it was...What it shall be....

OK...let's see if I can do this.

What it is...

What it was....



What it shall be...



So 17 types this year as follows...THE LIST...


But first just a brief history on how I got to this point...OH quit griping...I said it would be brief! 😏

I started growing peppers in 2021 because I was tired of paying $3.500@lb for peppers at the store for my chili. So I was like..hey I'll grow my own and save money...riiiiight! 😲 🤣 At this point with what I've invested in this hobby I could buy the store's yearly inventory. 🙄

So in 2021 I grabbed some Ferry-Morse Poblano and Anaheim seeds and threw them in the dirt. I ended up with a bumper crop and had so many I gave some away as much as I could but ended up throwing a lot away. I roasted, peeled and froze about 40+ lbs. With 14 plants or so I was getting pickins like this throughout the summer....



Sorry about the screen tear in that last pic.

So 2022 comes around and I wanted to grow Paprika peppers to make my own smoked paprika that I use a lot of and it too is expensive in the store...plus I found its very bland compared to home grown. So I bought Mosquetero and San Ardo Poblano, Big Jim and Garden Salsa Anaheim, Hungarian and "Boldog" Paprika seeds along with some 2021 Anaheim seeds I saved. I put the quotes on Boldog because they turned out to be Thai peppers instead...thank you very much Reimers Seeds!! I'm a lightweight so I cant eat the hot stuff...so I had 8 Thai plants putting out peppers I had no use for and couldnt give away...so I made pepper spray with them to keep the rabbits from digging in my yard.

The comes the heatwave of 2022 and even with 60% shadecloth over them the plants just kept dropping flowers and buds. I got maybe 14lbs frozen and 1/2 pint of smoked paprika last year. You can see by the grass it was not a good year for any plants. This was about the entire harvest in the first three pics...






And the Thai's...they did really well OF COURSE...this was just one pickin...had about 4 times this many...

That bring me to 2023...wow...I guess that wasnt so brief was it. 😵‍💫

Anyhootchi....I started germinating seeds on 3/28/23 with the wet paper towel in baggies with seeds facing down. By 4/8 all of the seeds went into starter trays. Currently I have 48 Solo cups going now...but since I couldnt bear to throw any seedlings out I took the best ones and added another 10 solo cups. BUT...the extra Boldogs were doing so well I just had to save them as well...but I'm just going to throw the whole pot of them in a tote and see how they do.

I ran a test back in late February of all the seeds in which I took 3 seeds of each and germinated them to see how long each would take. Then I did the actual starts at different intervals accordingly hence the different start dates.


And fresh off the press today after a rotation and watering...

Still having frost and freeze warnings at night here so this will be home for them probably for a couple more weeks. I know I've probably left tons of info out or maybe too much...so lemme know as I'm a GLOG virgin. Thanks for watching and be sure to tip your cows.
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Update time I suppose. Cumin=dead..no worries.

This haul gave me 19 lbs. Five lbs from the Mulato as the plants were getting very heavy so I took the largest ones off. They are taking forever to turn color...same as the reds. They are producing though...and this from the plants I was going to trash because I had too many.

The Boldog paprika's are giving me some nice peppers to smoke...but I'm picking them as they turn red like a few every couple days. Some I'm pulling even before they turn red so I can keep them producing...I just lay them in the sun to ripen or in a paper bag for cloudy days.

The Trident, Tiburon and Sargento's I will definitely be planting again next year as they are producing some massively heavy pods. The other plants like the Anaheim's and other Poblano's that had a first pickin are loaded with pods about 2-4" so they will be ready in a couple weeks as well.

The Italian's and Spanish reds like I said are lagging on ripening. Lots of pods but still green. I really hope to get lots more Spanish Paquillo Reds...they are so sweet and delicious. I can eat those right off the plant.

Some pics for ya.....



...and I have large hands....

Pobano's loaded up...and thats just two plants...not very good at taking good pics sorry

...and these Boldog's about every couple days...



That's a nice harvest!
Thanks MarkV. Except for the cold beginning of Spring...the weather has been great for peppers here. Cool evenings...sunny days with rainy evenings or rain days and sunny day alternating. Heat only went to high 90's a couple times for two or three day at a time.