raised-bed Lifetime Raised Beds

To me, it seems like a lot of money for something you can make out of wood for a fraction of the cost but if you're going for that cosmetic look then go for it. One would not be deep enough for growing peppers though. You would need to stack them like mentioned in the description.
SoHot said:
I put that same set into my mother in law's back yard a year ago.  They go together easily enough and still look good.  Couple things:
1. They bow outward slightly once filled - more than I would have liked but only noticeable if you're standing next to them.  Viewing straight on and they still look fine.
2. They aren't very deep - they're fine for the annual flowers my MIL plants - but not near deep enough for vegetables.  This isn't a problem if your soil underneath isn't full of clay though.
IIRC if you want to stack them you will need different connectors that the ones provided with your order.  That plus the slight bowing would concern me regarding long term.  But I grow peppers and maters and beans, etc etc.
6 years ago I bought 2" x 12' cedar planks and got handy with my saw and some hardware from Menards.  (the soil at our new house is very heavy clay.)  Those 8 beds I built for around $30 a piece are still going strong.   A quick google search yields tons of results for DIY beds.  HTH  :)
You can buy cedar fence planks and build a really cheap one that lasts for a while.

I dug some up from a friends house when he moved in. They were obviously worn when I got them, with some decomposed areas, but this will be my 3rd season using them. They still look decent, and are holding my soil.