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misc Local Halal shop Scotch Bonnet grow.............

Hi Guy's

My local halal shop here in Scotland is great for spices they have some fresh produce imported Indian and Pakistani vegetables and chillies they never have fresh bhut jolokia or Naga but they do have a box labled "Scotch bonnet "

Having pretty much only grown annunm's and a few Naga last year I've no idea what these things are ?? Are they Scotch bonnet ?? Or are they a Red Habanero of some kind ? Are they pure ?? Or are they some kind of commercial hybrid ?

They are hot and they are tasty and 2 or 3 make a mean Jamaican goat curry (Red deer) :beer:

End of last year whilst making a "curry Goat" I kept a few seeds from a particularly plump juicy pod ........one thing lead to another next thing I've a small tub few of seedlings !


I've kept two seedlings and potted them up plan is to grow one out myself and give one to a friend to grow out only thing is the fact I don't know what it is is driving me crazy !! I do like my Latin names with house plant's.........but .........:crazy:

Anyway im in for the long haul now here's a pic I just took in the greenhouse at 13 oC.......... frost tonight so it will be coming in..................


My halal shop scotch bonnet...........as of today ...........



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Among pepper enthusiasts (and Ministries of Agriculture 😉), “scotch bonnet” is a lot more specific than it is in common usage, especially in its own territory. If you buy 20 island-produced sauces which list scotch bonnet as their pepper, you’ll probably find more than half are red, not yellow.

Additionally, the cup and saucer shape doesn’t seem to be insisted on — practically speaking, many islands use scotch bonnet, bonney, etc as generic for whatever spicy chinense is sold locally. Even a specific-sounding name like Bonda Ma Jacques is only specific to us enthusiasts… in the French Antilles, where it was collected, the term is (among other spellings) bondamanjak, and is again generic for spicy chinense.

So, it’s a good idea to adopt a very liberal attitude toward what a pepper name signifies and to whom. I’d say there’s no reason to think the name as labeled is inaccurate.
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Good luck on your grow!! Regardless of what they actually are, I'm sure it'd be great to save and collect seeds from them. Also, thank you for supporting a local Muslim business. :]
Hi Guy's

An update on my Halal shop scotch/habanero..................its currently covered in buds and putting out loads of side branches :party:

However its a month older than my orange habanero paper lantern habanero both of which are in flower hopefully it will make up for this with production,heat and flavour......well that's the hope 🤞


Halal shop scotch bonnet/habanero in its final 5 litre pot lots of buds and soon to flower.


Lots of buds .........:thumbsup: it recently survived an infestation of green fly lucky a shift application of diluted neem oil and soap applied every day for a few days sorted it out.

It's quite exciting to see what it produces.......🙂



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