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hot-sauce Lola's Fine Hot Sauce (Carolina Reaper)

Cant believe this brand is hardly mentioned. While not that hot at all the ones ive tried have a really good flavor. My dad adores the Lola ghost sauce. Its really mild for ghost but delicious. Sodium is only 10mg and the ingredient list is simple. They are all virtually identical. Just the additional pepper for extra heat is changed.
Original is ripe jalapeno and habanero. They just omit the habanero and swap it out for the other pepper. The only exception is the Family Reserve which is ripe jalapeno, habanero and reaper. I havent tried that one yet but they claim its the hottest.
They recently added a green jalapeno and serrano sauce. I need to see if my market has it. I can get it fairly cheap locally. Around $3.50 a bottle on sale or $5 regular price.
I had to revisit the Lola Reaper sauce yesterday. Our market sells her sauces for like $4 atm and i could not remember exactly what i thought about the Reaper sauce.
Well personally i think the Ghost sauce is hotter. At least with this batch. I dumped a solid tbs on my plate with some cold fried chicken. DAMN GOOD tasting hot sauce. Added some High River Roque to the plate too. That was a really tasty plate of cold fried chicken. Neither sauce is all that hot but Rogue is hotter for sure. Im sure Tabasco Scorpion is also hotter but imo not as tasty as the Lola or Rogue.
Gotta say though im quite addicted to the Lola Ghost pepper sauce. No slap yo face hab funk and nice flavor for a mildish sauce.
Last time at the store i noticed Lola's was all on clearance. They had like 4-5 bottles left. So i called around. The next closest store was out too. Checked with the Schnucks nearest my doctors office.
SCORED for $3 a bottle.