chinense Looking for 7 Pot White seeds


I had been growing 7 Pot White peppers as far back as 2014. I know I sent seed for them out to a handful of members back in 2014 (and probably 4 to 5 years beyond) when I was trading a lot as well as gifts sent to new members. Somehow, my 7 Pot White seed disappeared before the 2023 season. I bought some seed from a vendor but they were not the same as what I was growing. In the search to get this pepper I love again I am going to buy 7 Pot White and White Habanero seeds from several different vendors I have found who list them.

I am also asking if any of you may have received 7 Pot White seeds from me and are still growing them (or just have some from another source) that I could buy some from you. (or trade seeds if you wish).

For reference, the peppers I was growing looked just like these (that wayright grew) in the third post in this thread:

I'll look or both 7 Pot White and White Hab seed as we all understand that with all the trading we do of open pollinated product it's hard to be certain EXACTLY what you have and if it is really the same as what someone else is calling by the same name.

My "7 Pot White" matured to about 2-2.5 inches, thick walled, light yellowish white, smooth skin, not a lot of seeds (with a few seeds usually scattered down the ribs of placenta) and 7 Pot heat level.

Thanks in advance or any help you can lend! I believe I will be able to locate some of those I sent these seeds to through old e-mails and I will PM them if they are still active here

Look up for Pepper Pirate (Shawn Akridge) on FB, he has been growing and promoting 7 Pot White for a few years now.
@cone9 Hey Dave. I looked in my inventory and don't see and 7-Pot Whites from you, but take a look HERE.

If they look like something you'd like to try, DM your info and I'll send you some seeds.