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hot-sauce Looking for a sauce

I am looking for a hot sauce made by sauce chefs called a little sumpin hot.  Someone gave it to me but it had a label on it like a business card.  just got the company name off the back.  Hoping someone here knows where to find it
Thank you I did find this and wondered if it was the same sauce. I will give it a try.  It is a different company but similar name.  Both are out of florida.  I am thinking saucechefs shutdown.  http://www.saucechefs.com/
Look like a different sauce.
That site looks like a crowdfunded sauce that never made it. Nice website and story, no product.
Okay so basically it's a Louisiana style, with some spices and lemon.
I think I have a sauce for you: https://pspbrooklyn.com/products/carolina-red
No it is not Carolina Reaper, it is made with Carolina Cayenne, a very hot cayenne. It is a LA style with spices and a little thicker. It is a VERY good sauce!
That's the best one I can think of. It's like a gourmet Frank's if that makes sense. More depth, hotter, a little thicker, but still LA style.
hi, ezie! I found your thread when trying to help my wife hunt down this same hot sauce I think. We got it from a supplier to my office as they branded it and gave it out, we were even gonna give it as favors at our wedding only to find saucechefs.com out of business. Well, today my wife put it in a group on fb we found out about from a friend of ours, they can supposedly find ANYTHING, so she figured what the heck. Well, turns out they sent my wife this:
you cannot buy online, so she called. they said they made the sauces and sold them to sauce chef, but the guy passed away so they just sell the same hot sauces in their own restaurant bottles now. they gave my wife a list of their sauces, but as she talked further to an employee they realized it was not one listed. she said it was an old recipe they used for the sauce chefs guy. Anyhoo, they don't make it regularly, but they will make it for you, you have to buy at least 12, and that is $60 plus shipping. This one was called "#1". I attached pics from our original bottles. Same ingredients.


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Google the ingredients in quotes and you should find it