misc looking for bubble wrap source

Hello! We have been flying through bubble wrap recently and I am interested in sourcing better pricing. Where do you get your bubble wrap from, or where do you suggest gettin it from??

Thanks for the help!

xo Nicole


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Do not use U-line- because of the size of the boxes and they bundle 3 boxes together, that makes it an oversized box and shipping would of been ~$200. :eek:

Last time I ordered I went through Reliable Office Supply, free shipping- no idea how the price compares to WallyWorld.

12" x 175' perforated

I'd be interested to hear how it compares in price.

Just checked eBay, found the same stuff for less-
Thanks Matanzima!

Just bought some for $12/ 175' ! WOOT!


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Do not buy the stuff from ebay. It is really cheap and just rolling a bottle across the table would pop the bubbles. I went back to Reliable. Saving 1 broken bottle more than covers the difference in price between the eBay crap and the Reliable stuff. Still haven't tried Wally-World or Home Despot.

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