labels Looking for hot sauce label design

I don't have any visual arts talent at all.
I'd like to have my own label design for the hot sauce I send out to friends and family this Christmas.
Has anyone used a graphics designer they can recommend?
And approximately how much do these services cost?


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It's pretty easy to use msWord if you dont want a custom drawn logo. You probably wouldnt get a graphics person for less than a couple hundred. Someone here on thp had offered graphics services. Offering some goods in exchange for services is a great way to get some interest.

Do you have some basic ideas or theme? How many sauces?

Have fun!


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5oz woozies?  Avery Labels 2x4 works good, or slightly larger. 
You can get all the Perts on there, and print it on your home color computer or put it on a flashdrive and have the local print shop do a few pages in color.