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So I’m starting to make my list for next seasons grow. I’m looking for some new peppers to try that aren’t crazy hot!!!! We eat a lot of spicy so heat is fine but not looking to go any hotter than the habaneros…the wife and I make and jar a lot of salsas and hot sauces. Give me your best recommendations!!!!
If the heat limit is habanero...I don't know what flavor profiles prefer in your home, but you can do some research on Jamaican hot chocolate, Scotch Bonnet MOA (yellow and red), Bahamian goat, Trinidad Scorpion green, Scotch Bonnet/Habanero Safi, Mako kokoo, Sugar Rush Peach, Ají Ahuachapan, Krishna jolokia, Prik Kee Noo...
So we do a lot of Cajun, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Italian cooking unless I’m grilling wild game or fish. I make a lot of salsas so I always have jalapeño, Serrano, and cayennes when I grow. I’m mostly looking for some peppers I can eat with meals because I usually just have jalapeños and cayennes left over. Mostly wanting to expand my options and palate. I enjoy the heat from many peppers but don’t want them so hot that it turns me off of enjoying the flavor. I’ve tried some scorpions, ghosts, etc. and at this point in time not looking for anything on that heat level. Thanks a bunch for the input, I’m definitely gonna be researching some and going from there
Here's some to consider: Aji Amarillo, Aji Fantasy Orange, Aji Guyana, Aji Pineapple /Lemon Drop, Bahamian Goat, Bishop's Crown, Brazilian Starfish, Cumari do Para, Habanada, Paper Lantern Habanero, yellow Scotch Bonnet, Sugar Rush Amarillo