yield Looking for small prolific pepper in the 500-3000 range

Hi guys!
So its pretty self explenatory ;)
im looking to grow a pepper plant in the 500-3000 scovvile range for my wife but i dont have inspiration
The peppers should be small and produce a lot so she can pickel them and eat them on a regular basis.
I already know about poblano and anaheim but these are quite big and dont produce much ( from my own experience)
the space i have here is also a bit limited, i can only grow indoor in a grow tent so a 6 foot tall plant producing super big fruit is not ideal.
Something about the size of a tabasco pepper would be the best for her.
So guys if you have some *breed* to suggest i would be more than happy 
thanks a lot and have a nice day!!
Haha this stand is awesome .
Just to add to my first post , im familiar with the scoville scale , where i have some difficulties in deciding wich pepper to grow is on the size and and the number of pepper the plant may produce
since i live in north canada we dont have a lot of pepper here so i cant just go down to the grocery buy 20 different pepper and study/taste them.
So i was hoping someone could give me some good ideas based on experience ;)
thanks for your reply dragon and have a nice day!
They looks awesome tho and seems prolific , but maybe a bit hot for my wife. I defenitly put them in my * i should grow these one day* list haha :)
yes thats exactly what i try to do, i try to find a good increment plan haha .. something like ...poblano, jalapeno ,  , bulgarian carrot , cayene etc all the way up ..so she can build up her resistance ;)
but poblano and anaheim are way to big ..
Its exactly why i try to find a small prolific plan , so she can eat some on an almost daily basis :)
I'd second the Shishito - very good stir fried when green or red with not too much heat (though every once in a while you'll get one that is a bit hotter than normal still not ridiculous. Also Bonnies carries them so getting an already started plant is easier than trying to get going from seed since you can pick them up at many of the home improvement store for a couple bucks.
Thanks everybody for all those awesome suggestions :)
Do you guys have any idea of how many plant i should grow in a 3x3x6 grow tent ? 
i tought that 2 plants would be perfect for the spacing ect but do you think i can risk myself and pack a third plant in the tent? 
Thanks a lot for your help!