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Looking for suggestions and help from the community

Hey everyone, I have 2 pieces of business I would like to see if you can help me with but 1st I want to share a little background so that my requests do not sound like I'm just being lazy and not wanting to do the work myself.
I am a chili head to be sure and I have a great passion towards growing my own fruit but after spending over $500 on Grove tent, lights, chemicals, seedlings, seeds, aero garden and plenty more I have come to realize that growing my own superhots is not feasible for me. See, I am a quadriplegic and I thought that by immersing myself in as much learning material as possible that I would be able to do this with the help of my caregivers but sadly I have learned that if they are not as enthusiastic towards this endeavor as I myself am that it's not going to work out. I have had great success growing a great number of plants but every time they come close to popping out pods something happens and I lose my plants and have to start over from scratch. Because of this I am looking to…

  1. Find a reputable source to purchase superhots in bulk (2-4 pounds) fresh.
  2. Find some recipes for hot sauces that others have found work using premade pepper mash which I am already in possession of.
Any help would be so so appreciated! Keep bringing that heat everyone, I love all of your posts!

QuadPepperEater said:
  1. Find a reputable source to purchase superhots in bulk (2-4 pounds) fresh

It is still a little early in the season, and you will probably have to wait a month or two before the pod harvest starts rolling in. But you might contact TrentL, or simply keep an eye on his site for the start of fresh pod season: lawrenceproduce.com. He is growing quite a variety of peppers this year.
There is also ghostpepperstore.com. They sell fresh pods in up to 5 lb boxes.
Sicman sells SFRBs of pods, but there is an option to order multiple boxes together, and you could still get your 2-4 lbs that way: sicmanshotpeppersandpowders.com
In October I should have some, but I planted super late so I can't be sure. I do have a ton of frozen pods from last year, but Idk how well those would mail. Salsa lady has some recipes she has shared on here from her hot sauce class she does. Maybe someone will link them here.