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favorite Looking For Suggestions

Well… this is my first post beyond my intro. I am located up in Canada (SW Ontario) and have lurked long enough to understand what some of the popular varieties are. I’m hoping that some of you will help to steer me in the right direction to fine tune a few varieties to purchase in 2023.
I grow in a mix of Earthbox, garden bags and in ground.

My plan so far:
  • Jalapenos- Have seeds for Emerald Fire and La Bomba. Main use is for jelly or cowboy candy. Maybe poppers. Is there another variety that I should consider to add?
  • I will probably look to grow an Anaheim variety for grilling. I have no experience with growing these. Suggestions very welcome.
  • Aji Rico, Lemon Drop, Sugar Rush Peach. I have seeds for these already. I think I am covered for mid-level heat. (Mid level for me) :fire: Main use are dehydrated flakes, salsa and sauce.
  • I have seeds for generic Orange Habanero. This is where I feel I need to up my game. Main use would be sauce. Suggestions here would be really appreciated. Maybe a chocolate variety, Scotch Bonnet or something? Past posts have also shown Bahamian Goat to be a popular suggestion.
  • I‘m not likely to grow a super hot but anything habanero level or even a bit hotter would be of interest. I probably need to work myself up to ghosts or reapers over time. I will consider this a stepping stone to hotter things.
I appreciate any suggestions or options that I have not considered.

Thanks for your time.
Be aware that even if they are VERY tasty, SRP are taking almost a lifetime to fully ripen! Yellow Fatalii is a must grow if your are looking for great flavors in the Habanero range (a tad hotter though). Brown and red superhots make awesome powders too. Just to name a few, Coyote Zan white, Clavo, Carbonero and Zou-pi are all growing fast, producing like crazy and on the milder side.

I quit on trying to grow many varieties here in Southern Québec (Trois-Rivières) as our summer is not long enough to ensure a decent harvest (reapers for example) or to fully ripen before the first hard frost (some C. baccatums and superhot crosses).
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Thank you Bou for the quick reply. You have opened my eyes to a few varieties I had not come across. Coyote Zan White sounds like a great addition and I will look to the others as well.
Normally I can harvest until late September or early October here in London but shorter season peppers are a good insurance policy.
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I probably have seeds for the ones mentionned above if you need some.
As far as grilling and roasting goes, have you looked into Poblano (anchos)? Their aroma is exquisite. I love stuffing these monsters, but I also roast and puree them, tu use in a buttermilk dressing for over my lettuce and other veggies. 🤌
Thank you Ratatouille, yes Poblano sound like it will be great for grilling. I will add those to my plan.
MarcV, Zapotec looks great as well. I like the fact that I would be growing something with some heritage.

Thank you for the kind offer Bou. I don’t want to be that guy asking for things on their first post.

I do appreciate the input from you all!
Devils Tongue are a good habanero type. A little hotter and the flavor is different enough to keep things interesting.
I’ll second on carboneros being fast. In 2021 they were my first to produce ripe pods. I didn’t find the flavor much to write home about - not bad but just not much of it - but they’re great for pickling. They stay nice and crunchy.
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