wanted Looking for the seeds of Diospyros texana(Texas Persimmon).

Hi, I'm looking for the seeds of Diospyros texana(Texas Persimmon).
I was attracted by it when I saw its picture for the first time. I want to plant it in a big flower pot as an ornamental plant.

I used to worry that it could not reproduce through seeds, because persimmons in my hometown need to be grafted to reproduce.

I looked up a lot of information, and I had a new hope. It can be propagated with seeds, which greatly reduces the difficulty.

I searched for its seed on the Internet. Oh, my God! I opened up a new world. I want to exchange planting experience with planting enthusiasts in different countries.

The first American fruit tree that attracted me was Paw Paw Tree. I planted dozens of seeds. I have obtained several old varieties that have been famous for more than ten years through limited ways. The first grafting in my life was given to the Paw Paw trees, and so far all the grafting has been used on the Paw Paw trees.

Now, I have a new goal. [Texas black persimmon]

Are there any friends willing to help me?

The wild persimmons in my hometown are propagated with seeds. They don't rot when they mature, but dry on the trees. They taste sweet. I ate them every year when I was a child. They can also be used as rootstocks to graft other persimmon varieties.

Oh, I'm from China. I am a planting enthusiast. Planting makes me happy. I like black plants.

I'm looking forward to the reply.

Thank you, don't let the post sink.