wanted Looking for Zapotec and Purple Jalapeno seeds

I can spare 6 or 7 purple jalapeno seeds.  I only have 15-20 at the moment, but I'm only planning on growing one plant this year to 7-8 is all I would need.  You're welcome to them, just send me your address and I'll put them in a normal envelope and send them your way...no need for a SASBE since I don't have very many.
If that's not enough I understand and sorry I can't give you more.
Well damn that didn't take long!
Very much appreciated!!! I'll shoot you a pm with my address.
Thanks again Ignite :woohoo: 
I have some isolated Zapotec seeds, but I won't be able to mess around with getting them out until after Jan. 2nd sometime. PM me around then if no one else can take care of you before then.