flavor Mankat Mensankai........A Dwarf Devil I tasted yesterday


After coming to India, Bangalore to be precise, I went on chili pepper hunt yesterday and tried two different chillies.
Of the two, I tried this variety called Mankat Mensankai which is from a region which grows this particular hottest Chot variety.

I took top quarter bite of this 1.5inch pepper. Immediate reaction was disbelief.
I thought that I had sipped molten Lava. My throat immediately constricted and the mouth went sort of numb with intense heat.My vision got blurred and it was fumes all around my face, and nose went watering after I took the first gulp of chewed cud in.
After fifteen minutes, I tried another shop and bit on the same variety with same numbing pain.

Only thing I would say here is, those of you who have planted CHOT from my seeds, are in for a big surprise.

I am going hunting for a still smaller and lesser known variety which is hotter than the above is "Lavanga Mensankai"
I will report this week about this little pepper.



It took about couple of hours for my mouth to get back in working order
Holy Toledo batman, NJA was on fire and i wasn't a naga!

Can you describe any flavour from the pod? What about aroma?

Surprisingly, it has a flavor that is subtle and hard to describe because, though I have lived in this region for ten years, I had never cared to try these little devils.
They are sort of Thai+Sannam typoish burning aroma.
I would say earthier then Thai.

One shopekeeper told me that I can get one more scorcher variety this month end.
I am highly excited.
I am planning a trip to the wholesale market for chilli peppers here this week.

Yes, I have the pics of CHOT in the forum somewhere, posted some time back. I will take some pics today for the pepperheads (and tails) to see.
Yeah I hope you'll be taking plenty of pics of your trip, even if it's not chilli related. I hope you're enjoying yourself.
you bet I am enjoying myself in this roasting heat of 38C and from fat to the fire, I am going to Gujarat which is 40C.
God Help Me.

sounds like you are having a great time NJA - i hope your taking many pics of your journey for your blog!! :D
I hope you're enjoying your trip. I can't wait to hear about all the treasures you find and pics you'll post (hopefully). I'm definitely excited about these India varieties.

cmpman1974 said:
I can't wait to hear about all the treasures you find and pics you'll post (hopefully). I'm definitely excited about these India varieties.


I agree,and I hope you save some seed!
Ok Folks,

The wait is over.
Here is the picture of little DEVILS . They resemple those scorpions in color.
Just imagine the Heat.:hell:


Noshownate said:
I would love to try some of these seeds NJA if possible please keep me in mind when you get back, have a safe trip.

yes friends in need of Heat,

I am getting the seeds of these without fail.

Thanks for the wishes.

From today, I am on one eye onnly as I had to stop using my 2nd contact lens. The surgery is scheduled for 30th.
Bloody problem is, I keep on making fingering mistakes.
The fingers go on wrong keys due to double vision.
so I keep one eye closed and am typing.