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If I've bought "10 volumes 125ml" H2O2 and need 3% dilution per pint of water for soaking seeds - how much do I need to dilute it by?
Explain it to me as though I'm 6 years old
Yes I'm crap at math and photography :lol:
I don't understand your question, but I can tell you how I proceed. I use one part H2O2 and nine parts distilled water.
Concretely, I put 10 ml of H2O2, 3% in a graduated cylinder or with a syringe and add 90 ml of distilled water on top.
For me, this amount is enough to soak many seeds. If you want more, double or triple the volumes.

L.E.: Ahh, I think I understand the question.
To bring the 125 ml 10% solution to 3%, 291.67 ml of distilled water must be added.
You will end up with 416.67 ml of 3% H2O2.
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Just add 1 tea spoon of 3% H2O2 to 250 ml of water and you'll be good!
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I don't understand it either :lol: Not sure if it means 10% H2O2 and I have to dilute it to get 3%.
But I understand your answer Vivi

Whoops posted before I saw your comment Bou, thank you
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Sorry Tink, I edited my post while you liked it!
Besides, common store bought peroxyde (3% by vol) isn't that toxic. For what it's worth I used to soak older seeds with undilluted 3% H2O2 for about an hour to help kikstart the germination process before transfering them to the regular dilution for 24 hours. I don't think I ever killed seeds doing so!
10 volume H2O2 is a 3% solution

The term "10V = 10 volumes" means that one liter of solution can release 10 liters of active oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide concentrated at 3% (97% water and 3% peroxide): it is medical grade peroxide like hydrogen peroxide officinalis or in supermarkets.